Adrasan – “Light-Beacon” Walk

At the southern entance to Adrasan Bay there is a navigation light-beacon and nearby cove often visited by day-tour trip boats during the season. A well trodden path takes about an hour to walk from the fishing boat cove and is mostly in the shade of pine trees.

Track to Light-Beacon

The original track starts a few metres above the corner of the dirt road behind the small cove beach and runs above the road slowly climbing.

Dirt road above fishing boat moorings

Also there is now a rubbly track from the very end of the dirt road past the fishing boat moorings (the most right track) up the slope until it meets the well trodden original track. 

end of dirt road above moorings

At end of road take the right hand side rubbly track until it meets the well-trodden original track………………….

Adrasan - light-beacon track

Easy walking.

Light-Beacon Track

No steep climbs.

Adrasan Bay to the North-East

At the half-way point there is a good vantage point for views of the North side of Adrasan Bay.

Light-Beacon Cove - Adrasan

The track continues to the Light-Beacon and nearby cove with abandoned house.  Keep an eye on your route in this last section as it can be tricky to identify the way back to the track!

Spring flower

Click an image for large size.

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