New “Moses Mountain” Track – Adrasan

New “Moses Mountain” Track – Adrasan 

A new track is being constructed from the meadow area (1hr from Adrasan beach in the Olympos direction) climbing the rear side of Moses Mountain (Müsa Dağ).

As of April 2012 construction has reached about halfway up the mountain (2.5hours from Adrasan beach). Eventually I am told it will reach the summit to view the sea.

This ‘fire-break’ track is wide enough for off-road vehicles.

Final surface not applied over most parts so loose under foot and as it is a little steep in places a bit like ‘walking on marbles’.

I would guess the round trip from Adrasan beach to the summit and back will take around 8 hours when completed.

Start the walk at the Northern end of Adrasan Bay and cross the river to it’s North side. This is best done at the narrow road bridge adjacent “RiverHotel” opposite “Boncuk Market” following the dirt road back almost down to the beach then doubling back at Şahin Pansiyon climbing firstly above the river restaurants then alongside the riverside. The track leaves the riverside to climb gently to a meadow area in the Olympos direction. Through the meadow follow the dirt road to the right ignoring the ‘Lycian Way’ markers for the Olympos walking route. Continue along the dirt road as far as it climbs! Here are good views of Adrasan Village and the many greehouses in the area. If and when the track reaches the summit of Müsa Dağ the reward will be a spectacular view of Adrasan Bay.

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2 Responses to New “Moses Mountain” Track – Adrasan

  1. davemickn says:

    At at end of October 2012 when viewed from below it looks as if the track now reaches the peak of the mountain – has anyone ventured up there yet? Please comment.

  2. davemickn says:

    Well – the track is now virtually to the top – and nice views of Adrasan Bay have been posted by others elsewhere. Now (March/April) might be a good time to attempt it.

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