Meadow Walk

MEADOW WALK – 3.5hrs
This walk is a circular route heading away from the beach in the direction of Olympos through a canyon to a meadow returning through market garden and greenhouse areas alongside the river(bed).
Start at the Northerly end of Adrasan Cavus bay where the river enters the sea (Duran Market and Ademinyeri Pansiyon/Blackhouse Bungalows area).
Follow the road alongside the river and if the river is in flood cross the small roadbridge adjacent to River Hotel – go back almost to the beach then take a left doubling back to follow the river on it’s North side above the river restaurants.
Alternatively instead of using the bridge continue up the road and cross stepping stones just up-river of Arikanda/Gelidonya Hotels.
The route now follows the new ‘fire-truck-dirt-road’ built for access in case of forest fires.
Shortly after the river-bed crossing are small rock tombs on the right below the stone ‘fortification’on the ridge.
After a farmed area the route crosses the Lycian Way route – the latter follows the stream bed but the new track takes a higher path on the hillside.
The two routes cross again at the ‘meadow area’.
Here take a left direction and follow the dirt road back down towards the river viewing many greenhouses below.   
Once reaching the river take the direction back towards the Bay.
If the river is in flood it is probably best to cross the road-bridge near a small cemetary and return to the Bay via the road. 
Otherwise continue along the North side of the river to the main greenhouse area and here join the Lycian Way river-bed crossing to take the pathway on the South side back to the Bay passing orange and pomegranete plantations.

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