Sazak Bay

A view of Sazak Bay near Adrasan Antalya Türkiye.

One of the few remaining uncommercialised large sandy bays in this coastal region.

Sazak Bay & Beach near Adrasan Antalya
Sazak Bay Beach Panorama Image - Adrasan, Antalya

Sazak Bay near Adrasan Antalya - image stitch panorama

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7 Responses to Sazak Bay

  1. barbara Murray says:

    …..and long may it stay uncomercialised , keep it for nature .

  2. Katarina says:

    Hope the turists from boats will not destroy this hidden bay with their rubbish lying all over the beach.

    • davemickn says:

      Yes, becoming a problem in many bays – rubbish from picnics and also blown in by storms. If you ever notice a strong offshore wind at a big tourist beach you can see a lot of loose rubbish blowing out to sea – sometimes from rubbish containers that do not have their lids closed.

  3. Even more of a shame is that a hotel is being built in this bay. This is supposed to be a protected site. It is truly dispicabel that beautiful sites like this still cannot be fully protected. It truly makes a mokery of the tern ‘national park’ Money speaks louder than anything. When are goverments going to realise that there is a large percentage of tourists that what to visit places like this and not require 5 star or even 7 star treatment.

    • davemickn says:

      I agree – but at least the protests last year seem to have had some influence and I have been told the development should be well set back from the beach and access to public not restricted – unfortunately not many natural places like this now remain along the coast.

  4. Dianne says:

    I was really pleased to hear and see the protests. I wish I could have been there. The sad thing is people from the village go most years for a few days to Sazak in a large group and have what is for them a holiday. Now they cannot do this. I did think of many ways of voicing a protest but am told it is connections to the prime minister so how can you defeat that. I realise things change. Adrasan has in 20 years.

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