New “Moses Mountain” Track – Adrasan

New “Moses Mountain” Track – Adrasan 

A new track is being constructed from the meadow area (1hr from Adrasan beach in the Olympos direction) climbing the rear side of Moses Mountain (Müsa Dağ).

As of April 2012 construction has reached about halfway up the mountain (2.5hours from Adrasan beach). Eventually I am told it will reach the summit to view the sea.

This ‘fire-break’ track is wide enough for off-road vehicles.

Final surface not applied over most parts so loose under foot and as it is a little steep in places a bit like ‘walking on marbles’.

I would guess the round trip from Adrasan beach to the summit and back will take around 8 hours when completed.

Start the walk at the Northern end of Adrasan Bay and cross the river to it’s North side. This is best done at the narrow road bridge adjacent “RiverHotel” opposite “Boncuk Market” following the dirt road back almost down to the beach then doubling back at Şahin Pansiyon climbing firstly above the river restaurants then alongside the riverside. The track leaves the riverside to climb gently to a meadow area in the Olympos direction. Through the meadow follow the dirt road to the right ignoring the ‘Lycian Way’ markers for the Olympos walking route. Continue along the dirt road as far as it climbs! Here are good views of Adrasan Village and the many greehouses in the area. If and when the track reaches the summit of Müsa Dağ the reward will be a spectacular view of Adrasan Bay.

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Adrasan – “Light-Beacon” Walk

At the southern entance to Adrasan Bay there is a navigation light-beacon and nearby cove often visited by day-tour trip boats during the season. A well trodden path takes about an hour to walk from the fishing boat cove and is mostly in the shade of pine trees.

Track to Light-Beacon

The original track starts a few metres above the corner of the dirt road behind the small cove beach and runs above the road slowly climbing.

Dirt road above fishing boat moorings

Also there is now a rubbly track from the very end of the dirt road past the fishing boat moorings (the most right track) up the slope until it meets the well trodden original track. 

end of dirt road above moorings

At end of road take the right hand side rubbly track until it meets the well-trodden original track………………….

Adrasan - light-beacon track

Easy walking.

Light-Beacon Track

No steep climbs.

Adrasan Bay to the North-East

At the half-way point there is a good vantage point for views of the North side of Adrasan Bay.

Light-Beacon Cove - Adrasan

The track continues to the Light-Beacon and nearby cove with abandoned house.  Keep an eye on your route in this last section as it can be tricky to identify the way back to the track!

Spring flower

Click an image for large size.

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Adrasan Old-Mine Hill-Track Walk

At the South end of Adrasan Bay there is and old ‘donkey-track’ to the top of the surrounding hill and then over the other side to some old mine workings.

Hill Track Walk to old mine workings - Adrasan Bay

Take the dirt road at the South end of Adrasan Bay towards the fishing boat moorings. The ‘Mine Track’ starts near the high point of this dirt road on the right hand side just before the cove .

Good views of Adrasan Bay after a few minutes up the track

There are good views of Adrasan Bay after just a few minutes up the track.

Mine Track View

The track is in good condition in places but rubbly and partially overgrown in others.

Near the top of the Mine Track - great views of Adrasan Near the top of the Mine Track – great views of Adrasan and the distant mountain range.

Track towards the mine workings

At the top of the climb – about 1hour take the left hand track towards the mine workings.

Overgrown track in places

Overgrown track in places but you will find a way through or around.

Mine entrance

There are several small mine entrances in the area.

Narrow shaft and looks unsafe

Narrow shaft and looks unsafe for exploring!

Another entrance

Another entrance.

View at end of track

A good view at end of track near the mineshafts.

Later in the day on the return down the track - Adrasan view

Later in the day on the return down the track- the colours of Adrasan Bay change as the sun moves around and Moses Mountain becomes more dramatic.

wild tulips

Click an image for larger size.

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The direction for Sazak Bay?

The 8km route to Sazak Bay starts at the North end of Adrasan beach.

The easiest way to cross the river is, if starting at the main beach, from Duran Markt grocery store take the road inland 3 minutes alongside the river. Just after the Taxi Cabin use the single lane road-bridge crossing the river between River Hotel and Aybars Hotel. This track bends behind River Hotel back towards the sea and soon meets another track rising leftwards up to join the Sazak Track.

(click images for larger version)

North end of Adrasan beach viewing the start of route to Sazak Bay

This track to Sazak is passable by rugged small vehicles but not suitable for large vehicles such as this truck making a failed attempt to transport a construction-site-style of accommodation unit.

Truck attempting the Sazak track    Starting the track approaches the base of Moses Mountain

The track hugs the North side of Adrasan Bay before crossing through a meadowed area then dropping down to Sazak Bay.

Cove in Adrasan Bay    Tulips in Spring

Here is a totally uncommercial natural environment with sandy beach. The Bay is a perfect anchorage being well protected by high surrounding cliffs and similarly offers a refuge to wildlife. No provisions are available.

Trekking group relaxing on Sazak beach View from Sazak beach

An image from one of the many press release articles depicting a symbolic sweeping clean at a gathering of local and visiting people and trekking group at Sazak Bay on 06.02.2011.
Under a banner of ‘Sazak’ta Bir-iz’ presentations and discussions were made on local environment issues.

Symbolic clean sweep at environmental gathering: Sazak'ta Bir-iz

Trekking back to Adrasan Bay the late afternoon views become very attractive in the warmer light so allow a little longer for photograph opportunities before entering back into the Bay.

Sazak track shaded by pine trees

Entering Adrasan Bay beach area at end of Sazak Track

Link to Sazak Track Google Map

Adrasan – Sazak Bay



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Adrasan Trekking Map

Here is a link to a Google Map of walking / trekking routes centred on the Bay of Adrasan (Lycian Way , Turkey)

Google Map of Adrasan Trekking Routes

Static Map Image – click on image or link for interactive version

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Adrasan – Walking Season

Continue reading

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